Outdoor- BL option functionality

The BL device requires two switched legs as specified, and the driver is fully dimming, but when utilized with the BL device, it functions as a bi-level driver as specified.

The important thing to clarify is the functionality, not the wiring.   The way the product you bid operates is that it will have two switched legs.   The first, determines whether the luminaire is On or Off.   If it is off, then the input from the control leg is ignored.  If it is ON, then the input from the control leg will determine whether the luminaire is at 50% light or 100% light.

Regardless of the input from the control leg, the input from the motion sensor over-rides the control leg, and will force the luminaire (when on) to 100% when occupancy is detected.  

In other words the only time the luminaire is at 50% is when the following conditions occur:

  • It is dark outside so the timeclock has the luminaire turned on.
  • The control leg is set at 50% instead of 100%.
  • There is no motion detected.


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