Hydrel: Niche mount fixtures

Niche – recessed in swimming pools or fountains. Niche can can ship separately from fixture. It’s the only thing you can use in a swimming pool.

Fountains are still "pools" if people are still playing in the water (like in Vegas or at a mall, etc).

Regs for swimming pools – lights must be wall mounted instead of bottom mounted. NEC article 680 (dictates swimming-pool code). Upward facing lights require rock guards, which are entrapment hazards in pools. Okay in a fountain though. Any exceptions for that should be forwarded to Hydrel (example: recessed light with a flush-mounted plexiglass cover acting as rock-guard.)

Must be 18 inches below deck so that an unsafe fixture is sending a jolt below someone’s heart rather than directly into it. Must be grounded and bonded. (bonded to steel cage around pool that’s installed when pool is poured).

Streaks of black or green below lights are signs that it’s deplating the metal, which means it wasn’t bonded correctly. (if pumps or stairs are starting to pit, another sign that it’s not bonded). Run copper wire to bond, but either way, always forward to Hydrel until we hear otherwise).

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