Xcella Failed State and Control

Please see below for correspondence between customer and tech-support concerning Xcella and failed state questions. 

Q. If the xCella Remote Module were to fail or lose communication ability, does it fail in the “ON” state?
A. It fails in either state, being which ever state it failed in. It can also be factory programmed to fail in a specific state.

Q. If the remote module did fail, is there a way to manually control the circuit to turn lights off or on?
A: Yes, you can override by pressing the button on the module.

Q. How do the dry contacts control HVAC when the door and window switch is utilized? IS there a wiring diagram available for that?
A: We do not have a wiring diagram, but the module has both a normally open and normally closed contact.

Q:. I need to know what the dry contacts would wire up to on the HVAC side in order to control it.
A: While we provide dry contacts, it is entirely up to you to decide how the dry contact will control the HVAC

Q. What else can the dry contacts control?
A. The simple answer is anything that connects to dry contact input.

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