NEMA Premium ballasts!

When NEMA initiated the Premium Ballast Program in 2007, it was their goal to recognize and advocate the highest quality fluorescent T8 electronic ballasts on the market

Recently, Department of Energy requirements surpassed the minimum specifications for NEMA Premium qualified ballasts.  The passage of this rulemaking represents a significant success of NEMA’s Premium Ballast program.  Unfortunately, these rules also make the use of the Premium mark redundant.  Which has led to the termination of the Premium Ballast Program. 


To summarize, licensees of the NEMA Premium Program will cease using the NEMA Premium mark on electronic ballasts and discontinue the promotion of the NEMA Premium Program on or before June 30, 2015.  It is important to NEMA that all participants in the program understand and acknowledge the discontinuance of this program. 


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