Hydrel In-Grade Lenses

Anti-slip lenses are ADA compliant when dry, usually not when wet. Some type of molding/pattern is required. 

Slip-resistant is sandblasted, ADA compliant when wet OR dry, but messes up optics and light distribution.

(American Disabilities Act) – ADA minimum is .62

Page 857 of the PSG, Edition 11 includes in-grade lens info. (surface temp, load rating, etc.)

Surface Lens Temp – usually not an issue anymore, since LED lights are much cooler. People don’t want to burn themselves by stepping on hot lights. (common practice is about 65 degrees Celsius, 60 for childrens’ hospitals, pre-schools, etc). LED’s are usually in the 40’s.


Double lens - can mechanically tilt lamp module up to 15 degrees.

Single lens can only be optically aimed w/ prismatic (active) lenses (degree tilt molded into glass).

Active lens always on top of double-lens assembly.

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