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See attached letter regarding paint thickness.



Custom color requests require a request form to be filled out and a paint sample to be sent to customer care, and for an RFD to be placed. Documents attached below for custom color request.



Standard XD finishes have been tested for 1000 hours with salt spray. However, the "XD over Anodized" finish has been tested for 5000 hours and is suitable for marine applications. However, this can only be specified with an RFD. (see attachments re: "5000 hours").


Hydrel similarly has a zinc-undercoat available for marine-grade fixtures for corrosion resistance, that goes under the XD paint.



We no longer ship touch-up paint due to regulations regarding shipment of aerosol canisters.

Regular paint comes from Sherwin Williams

"Your customer can visit their local Sherwin Williams store and have them call the Sherwin Williams store in Crawfordsville, Indiana (Phone # 765-362-0604).  They have all the formulas on file for Lithonia standard colors and can provide the information to the customer's local store to mix the paint color needed.  Lithonia DDB paint is our part # P50."

(NOTE: There has been concern that this paint is not VOC compliant for west-coast purposes. Adam called 12/18/2015 to verify - tech there stated that the color can be modified to be VOC compliant for west coast sale.) 



XD paint comes from Vitracoat – Contact Vitracoat 888-778-5994. Customer/ Vitracoat will need an RP paint identification number found on llweb under paint data – XD finishes. Ex. RP994A is DDBXD (see attached document for XD paint numbers).

However, while Vitracoat can sell a few pounds of this paint, it is in solid form and the customer will need to have a means to apply it themselves - this is not "touch-up paint", as such.

Customer pays directly to VitraCoat or Vitracoat can create a credit account for payment






We have some small quantities of samples that we can send out, but if the agent has a larger quantity request, they must place a no-charge order with the part numbers for the samples they require. See attached document for part numbers.

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