What all comes with the SKTA4425 kit for the 4425/4426?

For safety concerns/ Local inspector rules, in relation to underwater fixtures, the replacement for a socket should be a body assembly as the socket is epoxied to the body along with the cord. Example body assembly P/N for the 4425 is: BDY4425 120 NM CSL (Cord Length).  Although it is not our recommendation, if the customer insists that only the socket assembly is needed, then it would be at their discretion. The socket assembly can be ordered using P/N: SKTA4425. The raw socket – SKT7306 is the one used in that fixture but we are unable to supply just the socket alone.


The L1418C - LENS, WN7961 - Ceramic nuts and the SKT7306 - socket are all apart of the socket assembly but only the lens and grid gaskets are available as individual components. This is all for safety concerns/ Local inspector rules.

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