How to Setup a Phantom Panel

To set up a Phantom panel make sure that there is enough address to create the panel, it must use the address directly following the parent panel. 

Go to the first board of the parent panel you want to disable he timers.  IN this case the first board is #71 - Enter.

You will be on either (– or Y) under number 1 – Tab Up

You will be on Settings - Enter

You will be on Extra Address Setup. Set Extra Panels: (make this number equal to the number of panels that parent panel has. Gr2432 =4; GR448=6)

Go to Bus Map and set it for the phantoom panel (inthis case 77-80)

Set the appropriate addresses to the Phantom Panel LCP# (in this case LCP-11 address 77-82)

Phantom relays only turned on or off with some kind of a switch, they cannot be placed in a group.

The function of a phantom panel is to disable relay timers, there is a 1 to 1 relationship as long as there is no off set i.e. phantom 1 on parent 1 timer is disabled.

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