Can a lens be field installed on the ZL1N if order L/LENS?

It depends if they ordered these fixtures before or after we made the change to the channel cover. The channel cover change that was made this past winter was to make the orders with l/less have the tabs to accept lens if they changed their mind later.


So they will have to confirm if there are tabs on the channel cover (6 total on the edges) or not. If they do have tabs, then there are two options depending on their timing acceptance:


  1. Order the ZL1N lens, and insert into tabs, and that should take care of the exposed LEDs causing the glare.
  2. If they are wanting the new drop lens for ZL1D which has no glare, they will have to wait. The product is launching in July, but will be ready to ship by end of June. We will have a kit to modify the ZL1N to convert to a ZL1D. However this is not an advertised option since they will have a small shadow on one side of the lens – due to board configuration.


I would strongly recommend option 1.

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