Thermostats Control by DTC

Thermostats Control Via DTC


Double click on the [TAB DOWN] Button to go from the screen saver of the DTC to USER MENU.

With-in the USER MENU [TAB DOWN] button and High light “SETUP MENU” and [ENTER] key.


In SETUP MENU [TAB DOWN] button and highlight “SET THERMOSTAT” and hit [ENTER] button

On top left it shows the Thermostat Number, below it shows Current Temp for that area where Thermostat is located on premises.


Also all setting limits for Set Cool Day, Set Cool Night, Set Heat Day and Set Heat Night Numbers. You can high light each number by pressing [TAB DOWN] button to increase or decrease COOL or HEAT by pressing [SCROLL UP] or [SCROLL DOWN] button to change the degree higher or lower as you wish.


However by pressing [ENTER] on any of the value degrees you can set LIMIT for the Set Cool Low, Set Cool High, Set Heat Low or Set Heat High.


Changing FAN: to AUTO or ON only allows you to change the Fan setting to work Automatic or always ON.


However you can [TAB DOWN] and change the Mode: to COOL or HEAT to change to Heat and Cool.




You can change the Clock overwrite to YES or NO to allow either the Clock to control the Thermostat or each Thermostat control their area.




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