How to make lights time out after being turned on with a switch.

The common way to set timers on a relay is to place the relay in a timer group, either MNTN+TIMER or MNTN+BLINK then set the timer of the group. If the group is turned on then the timer does not work.

If it is desire is to have a relay or set of relays time out only after normal business hours then create a schedule for the hours that the lights should be on, have that schedule set to either MNTN+TIMER or MNTN+BLINK. If the lights that are controlled by this group are turned on after the group has been turned off then they will time out at a time that the timer is set for. 

If it is desire is to have a relay or set of relays turn off at a set interval any time that they are turned on with a switch and they are not controlled with a schedule then create a timer group (MNTN+TIMER) add these relays to that group leave the group turned off.

The timer can be set in either GROUP LOADS or REVIEW SCHEDULE, go to the group and change the function to either MNTN+TIMER or MNTN+BLINK, with this heading highlighted press enter


Go to SET TIMER and enter

Adjust the timer in MNTN+TIMER in SET TIMER:

Blink One: has no effect in MNTN+TIMER but it will set the Blink Time in MNTN+BLINK when set in MNTN+BLINK.

Note: A relay or group cannot have multiple timers.

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