Versi/P-series/E-Series Compatibility With Occupancy Sensors

Versi/P-series/E-Series will have trouble with any sort of controls that is not self-powered.  These types of controls derive their power by sending a “ghost current” (a very small current) through the fixture, even when it is turned “off”.

However, most of the occupancy sensors do not fall into this category of controls. In the Sensorswitch lineup, all of the occupancy sensors are self-powered, meaning they are compatible with Versi/P-Series/E-Series.  

Another way to differentiate self-powered controls vs. non-self-powered controls is by the number of supply wires they have.

A 2-wire control is not self-powered and will have trouble with Versi/P-Series/E-Series. A 3-wire control is self-powered so this makes it compatible with Versi/P-Series/E-Series. 

A 3-wire device has its own hot and neutral (black and white) wires to provide its own power, and then it has a 3rd wire that controls the load.  Sometimes it might even have 2 wires that control the load, which would make it a 4-wire device.  This is compatible with Versi/P-Series/E-Series as well.

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