PS1400 or LE1342 = BA questions

We do not sell inverters for our emergency fixtures because they are integral to the fixture.  The test switch, supply leads, ballast and socket assembly are all connected within the inverter housing. 

Please let us know exactly which fixture you need this for and we will let you know which ballast assembly (BA) you need to order.

Acquiring as much of the following info would be helpful in determining the fixture type if you do not know: 

Is the test switch inside of the reflector or outside.  If inside, is it on the top (discontinued) or side?

Number of lamps?

Horizontal or vertical lamps? 

Lamp wattage?

Type of lamp 2 pin (discontinued) or 4 pin?  DTT or TRT lamps?

Type of ballast 2 pin (discontinued) or 4 pin?

Aperture size?

Round or square fixture?

Also, you can provide pictures above/below the ceiling of inside and outside of complete fixture including sockets, socket cup assembly, trim and housing.  

Fixture labels alone are not enough to identify the product with. 

Please try to get as much of the above as possible and we will be glad to evaluate further. 

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