When it comes to poles, what is the difference between the following: FBC- full base cover and BC- base cover? Which are two pieces? Which are one piece? Are push pins shipped with the two-piece versions?


FBC = Full Base Cover – it could be plastic (two-piece with push pins) or spun aluminum (one-piece) which must be installed before the luminaire is attached to the pole. 

Plastic covers are used with SSS and RSS poles.  We can also provide custom made two-piece plastic covers for square and round poles in a variety of sizes to fit most poles.

One-piece spun aluminum covers are used with 3RTA, 3RSA, RTAH, and RSAH poles. Split two-piece spun aluminum covers are used when the pole is installed and a replacement aluminum cover is needed.

BC = Bolt Covers (used with RTA, RTAU, RSA, RTS and RTSU poles) but can be ordered with full base covers if desired.  Unfortunately some folks still use BC to indicate a base cover and put it in the nomenclature even though it is standard for the pole to come with a FBC.

NC = Nut (or Bolt) Cover is a disc of aluminum used to cover the nut and bolt used in a SSA pole with cast aluminum base plate.  It may be used when requesting replacement discs but it must specify if the pole is from Hapco or Lexington as they are of different sizes.

STLBC = Steel Base Cover (two-piece with screws to fasten the halves together) used in special cases when a custom size is needed to be fabricated or a customer specifies it.

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