14K AIC Rating SmartBreaker Panel

The 14KAIC option is not available in the 120V SBP configuration. The MLO or Main (120V) panels are rated at 65K AIC. Note that this is different for 277V SBP panels, 14KAIC option are available for MLO or Main. If 65KAIC rating is required for 277V panels, it will have to be a Main.



As a guideline:

  • For 120V/208V & 120V/240V:

o             MLO 65K

o             MAIN 65K

Note that AIC rating provided is always 65K, regardless if it’s MLO or Main. There’s no 14K AIC.



  • For 277V/480V:

o             MLO 14K

o             MAIN 14K

o             MAIN 65K

Note that if 65K AIC is needed, it has to be a MAIN. There is no MLO 65K.

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