How do I Disable an occ sensor that is controlling a micro panel?

The common use of this is when an end user wants the occ sensor to control the lights during part of the day and a schedule during the other part of the day; normally this will be lights on during the day by schedule then on by occ sensor at night.

Three scenes are required to accomplish this two for a flip scene and 1 for normal schedule.


In this example I will use scenes 5-6 & 11, assuming the occ sensor is connected to scene 5.

  1. Set scene 5 to Flip 5-11.
  2. Set scene 5 trigger by Relay all relays to N/A.
  3. Set scene 11 to Scene and relays to desired night level.
  4. Set scene 6 to Scene and all relay to desired day level.
  5. Program day schedule to turn on/off scenes 5-6

The way this works is when scene 5 (day) is on and the occ sensor closes then what is programmed in scene 5 will be active; if scene 5 is off (night) and the occ sensor closes the 5 flips to 11 and what is programmed in scene 11 will be active.

Day schedules turn scene 5 & 6 on so day lights are on and scene 5 is active with the occ sensor; at night scene 5 & 6 are off so day lights are off and scene 11 is active with the occ sensor.

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