nCOMKIT: Why Won't My nCOMKIT Show Up When I Open The Commissioning Tool?

ISSUE:  When opening the commissioning tool, a comm port is not selected, but instead “WiFi (Existing)” will only show up

Possible Causes:

  • nCOMKIT RS485-Serial B&B Electorics Device is not working
    • Confirm solid connections between all nCOMKIT devices
    • Plug the nCOMKIT into another USB port
    • Reset the computer, then plug the nCOMKIT into another USB port
    • If none of the above will even allow the “RS485” device to show up in the Device Manager, something could be physically wrong with the nCOMKIT and needs to be replaced
  • nCOMKIT drivers are not properly installing
    • Navigate to device manager and confirm the RS485 device shows up under both “Ports (COM & LPT)” and “Universal Serial Bus Controllers”, without any errors
    • If errors do exist, manually install the drivers from the Device Manager (drivers are located in the following directory:  C:\Program Files\SensorSwitch\Commissioning\USBDrivers)
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