nPOD GFX: Is There A Way To Lock Users Out Of This Switch?

The nPOD GFX has the ability to “lock out” the initial touch screen.  Therefore, when someone touches it to pull out of “screensaver” mode, it will require a pin code.  The steps to complete this are as follows:

  • Hit the padlock in the top left corner of the touch screen
  • Input the pin code (factory default 1-2-3-4) and hit enter
  • Hit the down arrow until you see “nPOD-GFX Setup”, and select this option
  • Hit the down arrow until you see “Password Protection”, and select this option
  • Select “Setup & Devices”, and hit “Apply”
  • If you would like to change the pin code, use the up arrow until you see “Change Password”, and select this option
  • Enter a pin code between 4 and 8 numbers, and confirm this pin code
  • Allow the nPOD GFX to time out and enter screensaver mode.  When you touch the screen again, it will require you to enter this new pin code.
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