How to create a free Zendesk account (Acuity Employee)

To access all of the articles inside of the Knowledge Base, you will need to create a free account. The link is below.


It is important you register with an email address in order to have full access to all articles.



Step by Step instructions:

1) Click on the "Sign up" link


2) Enter your full name, email address, and verification number


3) You will receive a link in your email to complete the registration. Please click the link a complete your account setup. It will look like the below.


4) When you click the link, you will be asked to create a password. This is unique to Zendesk, and does not change. It is not shared with any other accounts, nor is it tied to your Acuity login. You can make this anything you want as long as it is at least 5 characters long.



Congratulations! You now have a Zendesk account that is linked to your Acuity Brands email address, and that will give you access to additional articles that are intended for Acuity employees only.

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