Incompatible Stainless Steel Switch Plates

Not all stainless steel switch plates are compatible with the Chelsea Switches. The issue is with the fabrication of the switch plate being used. The incompatible switch plates will have a curved surface, and its countersunk holes to mount the plate to the switch are punched on the radius of the curve. This will cause the outside edge of the hole to be higher than the inner side of the hole. This offset will cause the Chelsea Switch to set back further than it would on a normal flat faced plate. 

This fit is more critical on the metal plates compared to the plastic because of the thickness of the materials involved and the narrow tolerance that has to be hit to match the surfaces together. 

A stainless steel switch plate with a flat profile is recommended. 

Stainless Steel Switch Plate with a curved surface:

Stainless Steel Switch Plate with a flat surface:

Switch Plates Comparison:


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