SensorView nLight Plugin Host: How Can I Verify The nLight Plugin Host Service Is Running?

There are two ways to verify the nLight Plugin Host Service is running:

Through the SensorView software:

  • Log into SensorView
  • Navigate to Admin: Plugins
  • Under "nLight Plugin Host Service", Status should read "running"
  • If this is not running, put in the computer administrative credentials and click "Start"

Through Windows:

  • Press "Windows Key + r" (brings up a "run" window)
  • Type in "services.msc" and hit ok
  • Look through the list of services for "nLight Plugin Host Service", and verify under Status is reads "Started" and under Start-up Type it reads "Automatic"
  • In order to verify the plug-in host is directed to the appropriate path, right click on "nLight Plugin Host Service" and select "Properties"
  • Verify the "Path to executable:" is set for the appropriate SensorView installation location (i.e. C:\Program Files\SensorSwitch\SensorView\App\v10.1.32.46764-Stable)


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