nBACNET: What Are Some Basic nBACNET Troubleshooting Steps?

In order to begin troubleshooting when a BMS system is not communicating with the nBACNET service, begin with the following:

*NOTE:  The SensorView host machine communicates with the BMS system, not the nLight Gateway directly.

  1. Confirm SensorView “nLight Plugin Host Service” and “nLight BACnet Gateway” are both “running”
  2. Confirm SensorView host machine firewall is disabled, or at least an exception has been made for BACnet traffic over port 47808. **NOTE:  Windows Firewall comes enabled by default.
  3. Confirm BMS host machine is able to ping machine hosting SensorView software, and confirm there are no mistakes in the network settings (IP, Subnet, Gateway)
  4. Confirm BMS machine and SensorView host machine are on the same subnet, NOT connected via BBMD
  5. Confirm there is nothing else communicating via port 47808 on SensorView host machine

If all of the above has been tested and communication has still not been established, take a wireshark trace capture on the SensorView host machine while BMS system is attempting to connect to nLight BACnet (run for ~30 minutes).  Forward this wireshark capture to tech support ( for review.

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