Synergy Config: User Adminstrating/Configuration

Synergy Config can allow you to setup user names and password that are required when the software if opened. By default anyone with access to the software can make changes to a system. 


Initial setup of the users and their passwords are necessary before requiring a user name and password can be used. 


1. Select File

2. Select Options

3. Select Passwords

4. A User Administration Screen pops up. 

5. Enter a User Name in the User Name Box

6. Enter the password in the Password box

7. Select from the Access drop down list what access you would like the user to have. 

     A. View - Can only view what the current settings and see what the current values are

     B. Operate - Can view current settings and change current values of lights

     C. Configure - Can view current settings, change current values, and configure inputs and outputs. 

     D. Administrator - Complete access to all the above plus User Administration.

8. When done select File

9. Select Close

Note: Be sure to create at least one Administrator Account

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