nGWY2 CTRL: In SensorView I Get A "Ping Successful", But I Cannot Discover The Gateway

When manually connecting to a Gateway Controller via the SensorView "Gateways" tab (under Admin), if you are getting an error that reads "Failed to discover a gateway at XYZ.XYZ.XYZ.XYZ. Ping successful", it is likely SensorView is in "Commissioning Mode".  You can confirm by going to the the "Devices" tab, and looking at the bottom of the screen for a bar that reads "Commissioning Mode".  Also, if you do not have a "Profiles" or "Schedules" tab, most likely you are in commissioning mode. 

To exit commissioning mode, close your commissioning tool.  If this is already closed, open and then close the commissioning tool to force SensorView out of commissioning mode.

If this does not work, please contact tech support.

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