Occupancy Sensors: How Can I Extend The Time Delay Of An nLight Motion Sensor Manually Beyond 20 Minutes?

NOTE:  If SensorView is available, this change can be made by adjusting the "time delay" on the device's "Default Settings" page.  For push-button programming, please use the following:

To program an nLight motion sensor for greater than 20 minutes manually, one has to change A Level Function 10 from "standard" to "hotel mode".  This is done by the long method of programming.   Once in hotel mode,   the occupancy time delay values change and are programmed via the short programming method.

To move the sensor into "hotel mode":

  1. Push and hold for rapid flash
  2. Upon rapid flash push the button 10 times
  3. It will flash back single flashes
  4. Push the button 2 times
  5. It will flash back double flashes
  6. Push and hold for rapid flash
  7. Upon rapid flash push the button 10 times
  8. You will see a confirmation of 2 flashes

Now program Function 2, Occupancy Time Delay with the short method of programming:

  1. Push the button 2 times
  2. Wait for the current setting to flash back
  3. Enter the new setting
  4. The new setting will flash back.

The time delays settings while the unit is "hotel mode" are the following:

  1. 30 seconds
  2. 15 minutes
  3. 30 minutes
  4. 45 minutes
  5. 60 minutes
  6. 75 minutes
  7. 90 minutes
  8. 105 minutes
  9. 120 minutes



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