WSD: How Can I Read The Firmware Version Off Of A WSD?

To read the firmware version off of a WSD, push and hold the push-button for >10 seconds.  The LED will blink rapidly from 5-10 seconds, then it will blink more rapidly once the button has been held for >10 seconds.  Once you let go of the button, it will then go through the "firmware blinkback". 

The firmware version of the device will show as a combination of rapid flashes and blinks (rapid flash = zero, #of blinks = #).  So for a firmware version 1B, we blink two digits out the number first (1 =0,1), then two digits for the letter (B = 0,2).  So 0,1,0,2 would get blinked out as rapid flash, 1 blink, rapid flash, 2 blinks, pause, repeat 2x more.

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