DigiLink - Troubleshooting AP DigiLink

As always make sure the DigiLink is on line and at the correct address by checking bus scan and Panel and Switch Types also confirm that it is set to be a 14 button switch. In the case of multiple DigiLinks confirm that you working with the correct DigiLink by reading the address. If they are using input 7 or 8 to for special features make sure you know what state of operation the DigiLink is set too.


The easiest way to test the DigiLink is to take a piece of wire and short between system ground and the inputs to confirm that the card activates the programmed relays. If you look at the card there is a GND just to the right of the 3.3v on the green 3 position terminal that has inputs 24v; 3.3v & GND. Take a wire and hold it to the GND and then touch the inputs 1-14 the relay associated with the input should activate according to the programming.


If the DigiLink is working then another test that can be useful is to short the lead wires coming from the DigiLink to the dry contact device together to confirm that the wiring is correct. Again when the lead wires at the dry contact device are shorted together then the input should activate according to the programming.


If this test does not confirm that the DigiLink is working correctly check the programming and power cycle the card. If the DigiLink is programmed correctly and power cycling did not cure the problem replace the DigiLink


If the DigiLink is being used with dry contact type of device i.e. an occ-sensor or a regular wall switch then the DigiLink needs to be set to maintain so when you short the GND to an Input then the button should turn on and stay on as long as you hold the short to the input.


If you can confirm that the DigiLink is working correctly by this method then the problem is being caused by something other than the DigiLink. Make the installer check out their control device the problem will be found in their equipment. It is not hard to check a occ-sensor or switch. Use a ohm meter and measure the continuity from the wire coming from the DigiLink or switch to confirm that the contact closer coming from the control device is actually opening and closing, this should be done with the wires disconnected from the DigiLink to confirm that you are only checking the control device.



Remember that if the above test show that our DigiLink is working then it is working and the problem is in the installer’s equipment. 

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