Micro Panel - 1 Occ-Sensor Controlling Multiple iDH/iDIM Cards

It is possible to use 1 occ-sensor to control more than 1 Scene input per micro panel or more than 1 micro panel. To connect multiple Scene inputs and or multiple micro panels to 1 occ-sensor diode blocking terminal must be employed on the scenes that will be connected together.


If the micro panel is on an older system using the green circuit board instead of the black circuit boards then to make these connections you first must determine which scenes, 5-12, that are going to be controlled by the occ-sensors these scenes must be blocked on all of the micro panels that are to be controlled by the single occ-sensors. Then 1 Diode Block Connector (DBC), factory internal part # 604-801-0027, per micro panel must be ordered. When ordering the DBC you must supply which scenes need blocking.


Once the DBC is installed on the micro panels the occ-sensor can be connected to the micro panel. To connect the occ-sensor, connect the relay common to ground on one of he micro panels and then all of the scenes that have the diode blocking install can be connected to the relay open connection of the occ-sensor.


Without the diode blocking being installed on the scenes inputs of a micro panel the scenes may or may not work.



If LCP-1 and LCP-2 have scenes that need to be controlled by one occ-sensor then this is the way to do it.


            On the black circuit boards just use the diode blocked scene inputs.


            On the Green circuit boards:

Say the occ-sensor needs to control scene 5 in LCP-1 and scenes 5-6 in LCP-2 then you would need to order 2 Diode Block Connectors. The DBC for LCP-1 would need to have scene 5 blocked while the DBC for LCP-2 would need to have scenes 5 & 6 blocked. With the DBCs installed on the correct micro panels then connect the occ-sensor relay common to the ground connection of one of the micro panels and the NO relay connection to LCP-1 scene 5 and LCP2- scenes 5 & 6.   

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