nIO LED: What Are The Differences Between A nIO LED And A nIO LED ER?

There are a few significant differences:

  • Enclosure Color:  nIO LED is in a white enclosure, nIO LED ER is in a red enclosure
  • Device Power:  nIO LED has blue 24V input wire, thus self powers and provides bus power.  The nIO LED ER does not have the blue wire and does not self power, relying solely on bus power. 
  • Device Testing:  nIO LED ER is factory tested to ensure that upon loss of bus power, the fixture will come up to full bright.

A nIO LED should not be used as a nIO LED ER by cutting the blue wire.  Without the blue wire connected, there will be a 2 volt drop across the nIO LED.  This could create a low voltage situation if there are 2 or more nIO LED devices in series.  The nIO LED ER does not have this voltage drop.


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