Navigating the DTC

Navigating the DTC

Tab Up & Tab Down

The TAB UP and TAB DOWN keys are used to move the cursor forward and backwards across the display. They change which parameter on the screen is selected.

Scroll Up & Scroll Down

The SCROLL UP and SCROLL DOWN keys are used to adjust the selected parameter. They are also used to override groups, copy switch programming, and disable or enable selected schedules. Scrolling up or down on a page number will bring you to the next page on the screen.


The ENTER button enters into the selected sub menu. It is also used to toggle loads from the manual override screen, and add loads into a switch or group. The EXIT button brings you back to the previous menu.


The delete key is used to delete groups and schedules.

Setting the Contrast

To set the contrast on the GR2400, hold the CONTRAST key, and then press SCROLL UP or SCROLL DOWN. To adjust the contrast on a Blue Box, there is a contrast adjustment screw on the back of the DTC.

Auto/Hand Switch

The Auto/Hand switch can be set to HAND to close all relays in the panel. This is useful for testing relays, and verifying line voltage is present on the relays. The panel must be in AUTO mode under normal operation.

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