Can I dim a line voltage LED with our Minipac or SYPM 6D 120?

First the Led Lamps or Fixtures have to be Forward Phase Compatible.  If the lamps or fixture are reverse phase, you also have to use a RDMELV between the dimmer and the load. The RDMELV only comes in 120VAC. For 277VAC applications please contact Acuity Brands Controls Applications Engineering.   If you have replaced incandescent lamps with LED Lamps you will see that the lamps flicker or strobe at dimmed levels. You have 2 ways to stop this.  You will need to to add load to the circuit to  ensure dimming circuit stability (sometimes referred to as Triac holding current): 

1. Leave on incandescent lamp in each dimmed circuit this will provide enough load to make the dimmer work correctly. 

2. Add artificial load module to the circuit.  Lutron offers this as an accessory LUT-LBX . Please consult with Manufacture for wiring details and installation instructions.      

For 0-10 type drivers, use a SYPM 8L

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