MaxStar: What is the reset procedure for the MaxStar?



1. Remove the cabinet cover from the master dimming cabinet.

2. Turn off the 20amp control breaker in the master dimmer cabinet (Breaker #16).

3. Remove the Maxpac (black2"X3"cartridge) from the cabinet controller (right side of the cabinet,).

4. Turn on the 20amp control breaker (#16) for approximately 10 seconds.

5. Turn back off the 20amp control breaker.

6, Turn off each 50amp breaker. These should be the last breaker on each module (1 per dimmer module).

7. Turn back on each 50amp breaker. At this point, all of the lights should go to full intensity.

8. Install Maxpac.

9. Turn on 20amp control breaker (#16).

10. After a few seconds, all lights should be off.

11. Check system for proper operation. If proper operation is not restored after these steps, please contact Technical Support at 800-535-2465

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