Link-2-BACnet Network Configuration Requirements

*these steps are for the network configuration requirements
*to configuration the lantronix device, refer to the attached lantronix documentation 
(How to Configure Xpoft.pdf)
*to configure/assign a device ID and starting BACnet object, please refere to the Link-2-BACnet manual

1. An assigned IP address to the lantronix device
  • Option 1 - Static IP address
    The lantronix device should be set to "static mode"
  • Option 2 - Dynamic IP address (through DHCP Server)
    The lantronix device should be set to "DHCP mode," and the DHCP server set to provide the lantronix device with the same IP address based on it's MAC address
2. Open port 47808 (default BACnet port) and allow for TCP & UDP Packets on both incoming and outgoing communications.

3. To allow access to the lantronix device configuration, open port 80 (Html) & port 9999 (telnet).

4. The computer that will be accessing the LC&D system should be under the same subnet & network with the lantronix device. Otherwise, VLANs should be configured properly to allow communication.

5. Windows XP 64-Bit, Windows Vista (x32 & x64), & Windows 7 (x32 & x64) are not yet supported.


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