Link-2-BACnet (v9.4) can suppress the creation of certain object types

Link-2-BACnet card with firmware version 9.4 is capable of suppressing the creation of multiple object types when it generates its object table.

The object types are as follows:
1. iDIM/iDH Analog Objects (both dimmer outputs and photocell inputs)
2. XPoint Dim Analog Objects (both dimmer outputs and photocell inputs)
3. Photocell Analog Objects (PCC1 or PCC3)
4. Switch Binary Output Objects (switch button status LED)
5. Group Binary Output Objects
6. Relay (or XPoint Relay Zone) Binary Output Objects

By default, the Photocell Analog Objects & the Switch Binary Output Objects are suppressed. These two types are typically not needed or not controlled/monitored by the building automation system. 

To modify which object types are to be suppressed, the LC&D BACnet configuration-testing software must be used.  If the item is checked, it will be suppressed from the object table. For more information on how to use the software, please refer to the software manual.

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