GR1400 BlueBox Classic and GR1400LT BlueBoxLT: Do BlueBox Panels Work with Any Link-To Card?

All Link-To Interface Cards are compatible with the GR1400 and GR1400LT Master Panels with the following limitation:  The BlueBox or BlueBoxLT bus can only have a maximum of 16 digital devices. A 2400DTC should be used instead of the BlueBox Master Card if the number of digital devices on the bus will exceed the 16 device limit.

Link-To  Cards That Will Work With a BlueBox System:

  • Link-2-DMX
  • Link-2-Grafik Eye
  • Link-2-N2
  • Link-2-BACnet
  • Link-2-PC-Ethernet
  • Link-2-PC-RS232
  • Link-2-Modbus
  • Link-2-Thermostat (T-Link)
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