Where Should SSI Daylighting Control Sensors (Photocells) Be Placed?

As outlined in the Daylighting Control Application Note, SSI (or nLight) photocells should be placed according to the following:

  • According to occupancy sensor placement rules (applicable for combination units only).
  • Outside the direct cone of light from indirect fixtures.   
  • As close to the fixture being controlled as possible.
  • Between 6 and 15 feet from window.
  • Above the least illuminated space in work areas.
  • Away from spaces exposed to direct beam sunlight.
  • Away from lighting that it is not controlling.

Following these guidelines as closely as possible will:

  • Improve the close loop operation of the sensor.
  • Result in better Auto Set-Point selection.
  • Allow for greater dynamic range of dimming (-ADC option only).
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