nPOD GFX / nGWY2 GFX: How Do I Use A Custom Screen Saver Image?

Putting a customer screen saver image on a nPOD GFX or nGWY2 GFX requires the use of SensorView.  Use the following steps:

  • Select the device (nPOD GFX or nGWY2 GFX) under the device tree.
  • Click on "Properties".
  • Under the picture of the device, click on "Upload screen saver".
  • Browse your computer and choose the picture you want to use as your screen saver.
        Optimal picture size is 320x240
  • Select "Upload Screen Saver"
  • Once the file has been uploaded, click on "Default Settings".
  • Change Screen Saver Mode to "Custom Logo", and select "Save Defaults and Apply Now".
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