nIO PC KIT: How Can I Test My nIO PC KIT To Confirm Operation?

NOTE:  The nIO PC KIT consists of a 12-24VDC power supply (PS150 or nPANEL), an exterior photocell, and a nIO NLI 1S. 

If your nIO PC KIT is not working properly, this will generally be caused by any of the following:

  • There is a programming mistake - remember that "out of the box" programming has the nIO NLI 1S broadcasting on switch channel 1 on the local channel.  Only devices switch tracking on the local channel 1 will respond. 
  • There is zone instability on the local nLight zone – can be seen with rapid flash-double blink on nLight devices, or also can look for “failed packets” on the status page of the bridge
  • There is a wiring mistake or loose wire on the exterior photocell
  • The photocell is in a shadowed area and is not seeing any sunlight

To test the nIO NLI is working correctly, verify the gray wire is connected to the power supply common wire, and touch the white input wire on the nIO to the 24V+ source (either from a PS150 or from the nPANEL).  This should turn the lights on.  When you remove the white wire from the 24V+ source, the lights should turn back off. 

If the nIO NLI is working correctly, the next problem could be with the photocell or power supply. 

  • Verify you have 18-28VDC coming off of the PS150 or nPANEL power supply.
  • Verify the Photocell’s red and black wires are connected to 24V+ and Common, respectively. 
  • Cover the photo eye and measure for DC voltage between the orange and black wire – you should get 18-24VDC. 
  • Uncover and shine a flashlight in the photocell – after a few seconds the DC voltage between orange and black should go to 0VDC. 
  • You should also hear a “click” when the photocell's internal relay throws high/low.  

For additional information, see attached datasheet for the nIO PC KIT.

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