Occupany Sensors: Can I Disable A Motion Sensor So That It Stays On Or Off All The Time?

NOTE:  The 7-step programming method (aka the long programming method) must be used to enter this mode.

Wall switches sensors (WSD/WSX) have Function 1, Parameter 5 (Button Mode).   This turns the wall switch sensor into a toggle switch, ignoring occupancy activity.

Any occupancy sensors with an internal line voltage relay (e.g. CMR), internal signal relay (i.e. -R model), or low voltage sensors that connect to an external relay (e.g. PP20) via a signal wire, can use the same programming (function 1, parameter 5).   Once in Button Mode,  you would press the program button to toggle the internal relays or signal output on or off (high or low).  They will stay in the state independent of occupancy detection. 



  • If a unit in button mode is power cycled, upon power up the sensor relays will close and the signal output will go high (lights on) - this is independent of the state of the lights before the power cycle occurred.  If the lights are desired off, you must again push the button once to change the state of the sensor.
  • When a sensor is in button mode, there is a 1-2 second delay after the button is pressed before the sensor will switch state.  This is to allow for you to enter programming mode without toggling the lights.


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