How do I troubleshoot no control from a station?

First do Hard Reset on System.

What are the Two Red LED'S on the Sequle M9 Board Doing? are they On or Off.

If they are Off check the for 12VDC on the Molex Connector Yellow to Black wire. If No 12VDC Check for 14VAC from Signal Transformer.  If 14VAC then replace M9 Board.  

If 12VDC is correct then Check for 5VDC Using a True RMS Meter Set on DC measure the following With Station at full on

Blue Wire to Black Wire should be 5VDC

Red Wire to Black Wire Should be 5VDCI

Now set the station at half way.

Make the same measurments again

You should still have 12 Volts on the Black and yellow wires.

Red to Black should now be 2.5VDC

Blue to Black should now be 2.5VDC

If these Voltages are not tracking as above the replace SQRP Dimmer Board. (The board with all the red sliders on it)

If these voltages are correct and lights are still not dimming Replace Duel SCR in Module. They can buy this at an Electronics parts house.

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