IPD Decorate Sensor: How Do I Adjust The Occupancy Time Delay On The IPD (Internally Powered Device)?

The IPD occupancy time delay adjustment is a rotary switch on the back side of the IPD switch.  One has to remove the decora cover plate, then remove the switch.   Use a small screwdrive to make the adjustment.

The IP Series sensor offers 3 selectable time delays: 2, 10, and 20 minutes.

To set at 10 minutes, turn the adjustment fully counterclockwise (you will feel and hear a slight click).  The settings are as follows:

-Center:  2 minutes

-Fully Counterclockwise:  10 minutes

-Fully Clockwise:  20 minutes

NOTE:  If the adjustment is not fully counterclockwise and "locked in place", the setting will remain at 2-minutes.  The 10-minute setting is suitable for most applications.

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