How do I request warranty replacement of Power Sentry products?

For a product to be replaced under warranty, the date code from the defective product is required. The date code that the product is labeled with determines if the product is still under warranty or if the warranty coverage has expired. Warranty coverage for all Power Sentry products is printed on the product specification sheet which can be found at

The date code is printed on a small white rectangular label that is on the opposite end of the battery from where the wires are connected to the battery for the QD (Quick Disconnect) and DW (Damp Wet) products. For all of the other Power Sentry products it will be on the labeled side of the product. The following information must be provided so that warranty coverage can be confirmed for the requested replacement product:

(1) Type of Power Sentry product and quantity
(2) Date code for each requested warranty replacement
(3) Contact Name
(4) Shipping Address
(5) Phone Number
(6) If you are an Acuity Brands Lighting Agency the Acuity Brands order number that the product was originally shipped on is also required.

Send all of the requested information via email to:

Once the date code has been confirmed to still be covered under warranty, a replacement order will be entered and the warranty replacements will be sent to the address you have provided. If the defective product is required to be returned to Power Sentry for evaluation information will be sent to the requester detailing how to return the defective product and where it needs to be shipped to for further evaluation. When the replacement order is entered by Power Sentry a reply to your email will be sent notifying you of the order placement.

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