Micro Panel - 1 Occ-Sensor Controlling Multiple iDH/iDIM Cards versa Multiple Occ-Sensors Controlling 1 iDH/iDIM Scene

1 occ-sensor controlling multiple iDH/iDIM cards must be handled differently then multiple occ-sensors controlling 1 scene.

If you are trying to control 1 scene with multiple occ-sensors you will wire the relay common of the occ-sensor to ground and connect all of the NO or “Closed When Occupied” connection of the occ-sensor relay in parallel to the scene you want to control, this will cause the scene to activate any time any of he occ-sensors are activated. 

If you are trying to control multiple iDH/iDIM cards with 1 occ-sensor each of he scenes that are to be controlled by that occ-sensor on each card must use the diode blocking connection.

If the iDH/iDIM Micro Panel does not have built in diode blocking you will need to identify which scenes are going to be connected to the occ-sensor they will need diode blocking, then order a replacement scene input connector that has blocking diodes attached to the appropriated scenes by specifying the scene.

DIODE BLOCK CONNECTOR factory internal part number is 604-801-0027; then specify the scene/s that needs to be blocked.  

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