How do I upgrade the code in the SIMPLY5 Intelligent Junction Box?

Reprogramming SIMPLY5 IJB's

The IJB’s must be energized. Be careful not to touch anything inside the box other than to place the programmer in the programming port.

1.  Remove the cover from the Intelligent Junction Box.

2.  Place the programmer into the port slot

3.  Open the LPC2000 Flash Utility and click on the 3 dots under filename.

4.  Go to the folder where you have the latest IIJB code stored on your PC and select it and then press “open”.

5.  The programmer must be switched to “Prog” and not “Comm”. This is done with the paddle selector on the programmer

6.  Press read the device ID on the Flash Utility Screen.

7.  If it prompts you to reset your programmer, press the reset button and click on read the device ID again. YOU MUST RECEIVE A MESSAGE IN THE LOWER LEFT HAND CORNER OF THE LPC 200 FLASH UTILITY SCREEN THAT THE DEVICE WAS READ SUCCESSFULLY.

8.  Press “Upload to Flash” on the LPC2000 utility screen.

9.  When the code being installed, an indicator bar will appear across the bottom of the screen.

10.  When it is done, you will get a message that it has been successfully installed.

11. Remove the programmer from the programming port and replace the cover on the Intelligent Junction Box.

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