How do I repair the Synergy Controller Error Message "Controller Not Found Check On/Off Switch"?

1. Cycle the breaker that supplies power to the cabinet. If controller reboots and the screen says "Start, Display" the problem is corrected, if not go to step #2.

***Prior to doing this step, make the customer aware that the lights will go off with this step if they have any module beside the SYPM 8L***

 2. Disconnect the ribbon cable from the power supply board and cycle the on/off switch again. If the controller reboots they have a component on the I Squared C bus bringing down the controller. If that is the case skip to step #5. If the controller still fails to reboot go to step #3.

 3. If the controller has digital stations have the customer disconnect the a4 from the side of the controller and cycle the on/off switch. If the controller still fails to reboot go to step #4

 4. Ask if the customer has multiple panels. If they do then have them try the failing controller in another location. This will help determine if the problem is the controller or the power supply. if they do not have another panel to test the controller in then they need to send it in to the factory for testing to determine if it is the controller or the power supply.

 5. If you disconnected the ribbon cable and the controller rebooted, then the problem is on the I Squared C bus. You then need to reconnect the ribbon cable to the power supply and disconnect the relay/dimmer modules from the ribbon cable. With the controller on you will add modules until the controller fails again. Once you determine the module that causes the failure they need to contact their distributor for replacement.

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