How do I perform the Sequel Reset procedure? (Also know as Hard Reset)

1. Remove the Fan Cover from the Master Dimming Cabinet (DC1)

2. Locate the Restart Button on the System Controller Card. The Reset Button is located near the front edge of the System Controller Card just in front of 2 red LED's. The System Controller Card is the bottom card in the lower left of the Dimming Cabinet.

3. Press and hold Reset Button.

4. While holding the Reset Button, turn off the Control Breaker (#20). Wait 15 seconds, turn on the Control Breaker.

5. Continue holding the Reset Button for 15 seconds. After 15 seconds, the right LED should be flickering. Release the Reset Button. The left LED should be full on.

6. Check system for proper operation.

If the secondary panel is the one in question, turn the breaker off to it and then turn it right back on.

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