MiniPak Reset: What is the reset procedure for the MiniPak?



1. Turn off the circuit feeding the Master Dimming Cabinet (DC I circuit I).

2. Locate the Batteries in the Master Dimming Cabinet. Two red and blue

3. Disconnect bothBatteryConnectors.

4. Wait 15 seconds and reconnect the Batteries.

5. Turn the circuit feeding the Master Dimming Cabinet back on.

6. Check system for proper operation.

If this doesn’t work, check the chip inside. If it a SMP it is for Minipac. If it is SY, it is for sequel and Synergy and is not compatible. Look for a brown spot on the chip, if it is there, the chip is blown.

If operation is not restored after these steps, please report findings to Synergy Lighting Controls Field Service Department 1-800-533-2719, press 2 and pause for the next menu and press 4.

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