How do I re-address a DALI ballast?

The best way to do this is with the Synergy Configuration software. Connect to and find the Synergy panel through Config. Click on the “Digital Ballast Setup” tab and choose the Dali loop you want. (0,1 or 2) The ballasts recognized by the software will show in the left and right panels of the screen. The right side has an icon that looks similar to an incandescent lamp. Click on the lamp icon on the right side and the ballast (fixture) will begin to flash. If you desire to change the number of the ballast (fixture), click and drag it to the DESIRED number in the left panel. To check that the number has changed, click on the lamp icon in the right side and see if the number that shows is the number you want it to be.

If you don't have the Config software, you can connect to the SYPM S5BC through a Hyperterminal connection and and type "menu", Then choose "3" for address ballast then "5" for begin address assignment. Then follow the prompts.

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