Smart Breaker Panel - Non-Controllable Breakers and Spaces on a Smart Breaker Panel Cannot Be Used As Drivers For Enable/Disable Feature

If the enable/disable feature for PCC3-DE card, AP Switch, Digilink, Time Schedules, and Relay Timers is required, you cannot use a branch breaker or an empty “SPACE” on a Smart Breaker Panel because there is no “feedback.” It has to be an actual controllable breaker. On that same note, it would not be best practice for us to use a controllable breaker for the sole purpose of enabling/disabling peripherals. If it’s there, the EC/installer will try to use this 20A controllable breaker to power loads.


The best solution for now is to have a 1404LT or 1408LT card mounted inside the low voltage section of the SmartBreaker panel and use that card to perform the en/disabling.


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