Anchorage: What are an anchor bolt's sections called and what are the dimensions?

The anchor bolt is composed of a steel rod that is formed into a shank, bend and hook. The shank is the longest portion and has the upper portion threaded. Its length is measured from the tip to the upper surface of the hook.  The bend is a 90 degree curve that is at the bottom of the shank to provide a horizontal orientation for the hook.  The hook is the horizontal straight portion to provide resistance to prevent the anchor bolt from pulling out of the concrete. Its length is measured from its tip to the inner surface of the shank. The end of the shank is threaded via a rolling process and the upper twelve inches of the shank is hot-dipped galvanized (molten zinc) finish per ASTM A-153 specifications. Two heavy hex nuts and two heavy washers are used with each anchor bolt to level and plumb the pole.

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